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Environmental Sensitivity in High Gear

The Hoffman Estates Park District's green efforts began many years ago with Charlemagne Park, as an HEPD-IDOT joint project, to create a passive park with the landscape centered on environmentally-friendly native grasses and forbs. It was also the district’s first lake shoreline stabilized by using deep-rooted plant material versus steel or rock placed at water’s edge. Today, Charlemagne Park boasts the district’s largest concentrated population of native wildflowers, song birds and butterflies whose vibrant colors compete for attention with the abundance of flowers.

Flash forward to early 2010 when the HEPD Board of Commissioners formally adopted the district’s first Natural Area Management Plan. A major program for the HEPD that positively affects future generations. The plan identifies and provides for the development, monitoring and maintenance of our natural areas to help fulfill our mission statement: “To enhance the quality of life of our residents and guests by providing first class parks, facilities, programs and services through environmentally and fiscally responsible management practices.”

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